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All You Need to Know About Siam Park in Tenerife

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Architecture of Siam Park

Siam Park

Siam Park, located in Tenerife, Spain, is a water park themed after Thailand, featuring architectural elements inspired by the country. One of its most striking features is the vibrant use of color throughout the park, with buildings and structures painted in an assortment of hues. This creates a unique atmosphere, setting Siam Park apart from other water parks. Additionally, the park incorporates water into many of its rides and attractions, surrounded by the water itself. This adds a refreshing and tropical touch to the park's ambiance.

Opened on September 17, 2008, this world-class water park has left a lasting impact on visitors from around the globe. The brainchild of Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park was designed to pay homage to the ancient kingdom of Siam, with beautiful landscapes and stunning attention to detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Siam Park in Tenerife

How long should I spend at Siam Park?

Plan to spend a full day at Siam Park to enjoy all the rides, and relax at the beach area.

Is it worth visiting Siam Park?

Absolutely! Siam Park offers a unique and thrilling experience for all ages with its Thai-inspired theme and world-class rides.

What is Siam Park?

Siam Park is a water park that offers a variety of water-based rides, attractions, and experiences for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Siam Park?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed, but the park offers a variety of dining options to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Is Siam Park suitable for young children?

Yes, Siam Park is family-friendly and offers attractions like Lost City, a water playground for young kids.

Can I visit Siam Park if I can't swim?

Yes, several attractions don't require swimming skills, but it's recommended to take appropriate precautions and wear a life jacket if needed.

Is there a dress code for Siam Park?

Wear comfortable swimwear that fits well for water park activities, and change of clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

What is Siam Park?

Siam Park is a water park located in Costa Adeje, inspired by the ancient kingdom of Siam. Opened in 2008, this must-visit destination offers an exciting mix of thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and beautiful landscapes. Some of the park's highlights include adrenaline-pumping rides like The Dragon, Kinnaree, and the Tower of Power. For a more relaxed experience, enjoy floating along the Mai Thai River or unwind at Siam Beach. This park is not only a source of exhilarating fun but also boasts impressive Thai-inspired architecture and lush gardens, making it a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors in Costa Adeje.

Quick Facts about Siam Park

Siam Park

Official name: Siam Park

Location/Address: Avenida Siam, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain

Date of opening: September 17, 2008

Timings: 1st May to 29th October from 10 AM to 6 PM, 30th October to 30th April from 10 AM to 5 PM

Top Three Rides: The Dragon, Kinnaree, and Tower of Power

Park Size: 46 acres

Function: Water park with thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and beautiful landscapes inspired by Thai culture

Why Visit Siam Park?

Siam Park

Plan Your Visit to Siam Park

Siam Park

Where is Siam Park Located?

Address: Av. Siam, s/n, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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Siam Park is located at Avenida Siam, in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain. The park is easily accessible from nearby areas and is a short distance from other popular attractions like Aqualand and Jungle Park.

Nearest Bus Station: Estaciãn Costa Adeje (T)

Landmarks nearby: Aqualand Costa Adeje

Siam Park Opening Hours

What's Siam Park Opening Hours?

Siam Park is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with seasonal adjustments to the timings. 

1st May to 29th October (Summer Schedule): 10 AM to 6 PM

30th October to 30th April (Winter Schedule): 10 AM to 5 PM

Siam Park Highlight

Siam Park

Experience the Tower of Power

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping ride on the Tower of Power, a near-vertical, 28-meter high slide that is certain to get your heart racing. Feel the thrill as you speed down the slide and through a transparent tunnel surrounded by a massive shark-filled aquarium.

Siam Park

Conquer The Dragon

Get ready for an epic adventure on The Dragon. It is a ProSlide Tornado water slide that is 100 meters long and has a height of 22 meters. The slide is made up of a series of twists and turns that send riders through a zero-gravity experience.

Siam Park

Discover Kinnaree

Explore the twists and turns of Kinnaree, an exhilarating water slide that propels riders through open and enclosed tubes, with sudden drops and gravity-defying turns. This exciting ride is perfect for those seeking a splash of fun during their visit to Siam Park.

Siam Park

Float along the Mai Thai River

Take a break from the thrilling rides and relax on the Mai Thai River, the longest lazy river in the world, meandering through lush gardens, waterfalls, and aquariums. This leisurely attraction is suitable for the entire family and offers a gentle ride through the beautiful surroundings of Siam Park.

Siam Park

Unwind at Siam Beach

Soak up the sun at Siam Beach, a beautiful and tranquil beach area within the park. With soft, white sand and crystal-clear water, it is the perfect spot to relax and recharge after a day of excitement exploring Siam Park's attractions.

Siam Park

Explore a Traditional Thai Floating Market

The Floating Market at Siam Park is a unique experience that allows visitors to explore a traditional Thai floating market. Visitors can take a boat ride through the market and see vendors selling a variety of goods, including snacks, sunscreen, and souvenirs. The market is a great place to learn about Thai culture and experience the unique atmosphere of a floating market.

Siam Park

Champagne Club at Siam Park

The Champagne Club is an exclusive area at Siam Park that offers guests a luxurious and relaxing experience. You can enjoy a bottle of champagne, all-inclusive food and drinks, and a private area with stunning views of the park. The Champagne Club is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the park and relax in style.

Siam Park

The Lost City - A Children's Paradise

. The Lost City is a children's area with multiple towers, bridges, nets, cascades, and 15 water slides. There is also a baby pool, making it the only pool in the Canary Islands specifically designed for babies. The Lost City is a great place for children to let their imaginations run wild. They can climb the towers, explore the bridges, and play in the nets.

Siam Park

Patong Rapids - A Thrilling Water Slide

Patong Rapids is a thrilling water slide that takes riders on an adventure through twists and turns, complete darkness, and open areas with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Tenerife's coastline. The ride begins with a steep drop into a dark tunnel. Riders then experience a series of twists and turns, including a 360-degree loop. The ride culminates in a final drop into a pool.